Job advertisement in Maktab Kerjasama Malaysia
closing date 3 Jun 2009

Application are invited of Malaysian citizen qualified to fill posts vacancies in Maktab Kerjasama Malaysia

1.Assistant Administrative Officers N27
2.Computer Technician FT17
3.Under Management Assistant N11

complete advertisement MKM's vacancies


Task : Provide college account by using UBS account's software*
Qualification : Have the skill / experience / ability use UBS's software*
Salary : Could be negotiated
Date needed : IMMEDIATE


Task : Manage college compound such as mowing of grass, flower plant care, landscape dll.
Qualification : Have the skill / experience / ability maintain area
Salary : Could be negotiated
Date needed : 15 MAY 2009

To keen individual, can contact immediately with college through address and no. telephone like those stated in college site.

jawatan kosong Kolej Jaipetra

Advertisement on vacancy in Majlis Agama Islam Selangor
Closing date 12 May 2009

Majlis Agama Islam Selangor invitees State child Selangor qualified to fill job vacancy as follows :

a) Graduate Educational Services Officer : DG41
b) Affairs Officer Islamic : S41
c) Library Assistant Officer : S27
d) Computer Technician : FT17
e) Affairs Assistant Islamic : S17
f) Accountant Assistant : W17

Complete advertisement vacancy in MAIS
MAIS's application form
MAIS's confirmation form

Advertisement on vacancy in Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia
Closing date 31 May 2009

post offered was

Low Assistant Islamic Affairs - S11

JAKIM's complete advertisement

Advertisement on vacancy in Human Resources Ministry
Closing date 11 May 2009

Applicant are invited of Warganegara Malaysia qualified to apply post as follows:

Vehicle Driver - R3

Kementerian Sumber Manusia

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